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published 2 months ago · modified 2 months ago

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of frequently asked questions, we hope they help you find solutions to your problems, but if they don't, please check out Features or use Menu → Request Support to ask us for individual support.


For additional information about Groups please check out Groups.

How to create a Group and invite Friends

Go to the Homepage and click Create Group, then click Copy Link and send the copied URL to your friends via your preferred chat app.

How do I "save" a Group?

When logged in and connected to a Group, click Take Group Ownership, this will make you the group's primary Admin. From then on you will see the Group listed under "My Groups" on the Homepage, so does every other group member.

How to limit access to my Group

When connected to the Group, click Edit Group and turn off "Allow Guests to Join".


For additional information about Accounts please check out Accounts.

I did not receive the Email Verification

Check your "Spam" folder and see if an email from "GroupTube" has arrived there, some email provider's wrongfully flag company mails as spam.

How to delete my Account

Send us a Support Request and tell us you would like us to delete your account. We will follow up on you within the next few days.


For additional information about the Player please check out Player.

The video is not playing/syncing

This can happen due to buffering when having a sub-optimal internet connection. Please allow up to 5-10s for the player to stop synchronizing and start playing. But when it does not, click the Stop Watching icon (slashed eye) next to the player controls, then click Start Watching to re-sync the player.