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GroupTube Services include third-party code licensed to GroupTube for use and redistribution under open-source licenses. Below is a list of disclosures and disclaimers in connection with such open-source licensed software that has been incorporated into GroupTube Services. Notwithstanding any of the terms and conditions of your subscription or license agreement with GroupTube, the terms of certain open-source licenses may be applicable to your use of GroupTube Services, as set forth below.

This list of open-source code (the “List”) was generated out-of-the-box by GroupTube using third-party software licensed by GroupTube that identifies open source code within the Services as of a particular date, and is intended to be a disclosure of a particular point in time only. Accordingly, you are advised that the List may be updated from time to time and may not be complete. Assuming you do not modify the open source code used within GroupTube Services, the use of GroupTube Services will not require you to grant to any party any of your intellectual property rights pursuant to an open source license, or require you to make any of your source code available to third parties pursuant to an open source software license.

GroupTube makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, with regard to the List or its accuracy or completeness, or with respect to any obligations arising as a result of your modification to such open source code or to the Services. By using GroupTube Services, you agree that in no event shall GroupTube be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from any such modifications made by you, or any obligations arising therefrom, including, without limitation, any special, consequential, incidental or other direct or indirect damages.

Open-Source Libraries and License

License Descriptions