Synchronized Player Cover

Synchronized Player

Watch videos together with friends or listen to music. With GroupTube's synchronized Player, it is easy to enjoy content together with your friends and family. Just like when you are together in your living room.

To host a watch party to watch YouTube with friends online, enjoying the latest videos. Or have a great time chatting and listening to music together. Whatever you do, you can have a great time together with your friends on GroupTube.

How to Start Watching together

The player is very easy to use, you just need to click Start Watching, then your player will be Synced with everyone else in your group automatically. When you change the current time of the video or hit play/pause, your actions will be applied to everybody else too. This allows you to watch videos together as if you are sitting in front of the same TV.

A Screenshot of how to Start the Player Sync

How to Play a new Video

Use the Search to look for videos on YouTube. You can watch anything together, live streams, normal videos, or listen to music in the background. You can simply search or paste a link to a video, playlist, or channel directly.

A Screenshot of the YouTube Search

How to Manage the Queue

When you enjoy videos together, usually everybody has something to show another. To organize what videos are watched together, use the Queue to manage a playlist of videos, and use Auto-play to automatically start new videos from the queue.

A showcase of the Queue Functionality

Sync Indicator

It is good to know who in your group is watching together with you. The player shows an overlay whenever your player, or others in your group are syncing to the shared video state. This allows you to immediately know and be confident about who sees what you want to show them.

A Screenshot explaining how the Sync Indicator works

How to Stop Watching

When you don't want to keep watching anymore or are annoyed by the audio in the background, you can click Stop Watching. Then your local player will only show a preview of the video, but not play it. You can start watching again anytime.

Quickstart Guide – How to watch together with friends?

It's quite easy, go to the Homepage and click Create Your Group. Invite your friends by sending them a link. Then it is as simple as searching for a video you would like to watch – everybody will be kept in sync automatically.

  1. Create a Group
  2. Invite your Friends
  3. Watch Together