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Your Groups

Groups are the heart of GroupTube, providing you with a dedicated space to share with friends, watch videos together, join the Voice and Video Call and text via Chat.

How to create a new Group

  • Click Create Your Group on the Homepage
  • Once connected, click Copy Link and send it to a friend
  • Optional: Set a custom name and image by clicking Edit Group

How to join an existing Group

  • Open a Group Link (URL) sent to you by a friend
  • Clicking Join Group to connect

Settings of a Group

Make a Group Permanent

Make the most out of your Group by making it permanent, you will become the Group's primary Admin and have more control.

  • Click Take Group Ownership in the Group tab (left side on Desktop)

How to Add a Group Member

Signed-in Users can be added as Group Members, they will then always be able to join the group directly from their Homepage as described in Account.

  • First click ••• and then Promote to Member or Promote to Admin

Members of a Group

Enjoy uninterrupted access to shared content, calls, and conversations, fostering lasting connections and memorable shared moments with friends, family, and colleagues.

Start creating your own vibrant community on GroupTube today!