Voice & Video Call Cover

Voice & Video Call

Experience seamless communication with the live Voice and Video Call. Connect with your friends in real-time, whether it's for a casual chat or productive meeting. Use the voice chat and video sharing capabilities to enhance your experience together.

  • Go to the Call tab (left side on Desktop)
  • Then simply click Join Call to connect (allow access to the microphone)

You can also adjust the call and it's layout:

  • Use the Controls to control your input devices
  • Go to the Video-Call tab (only on Desktop, right side) to make video larger

Showcase of the Integrated Voice and Video Call

Features of Call

  1. Voice and Video Chat: Engage in conversations with your friends or colleagues using voice chat or share your camera for a face-to-face experience.
  2. Screen Sharing: Share your screen to communicate ideas more effectively, especially useful for presentations or collaborative work.
  3. Multiple Cameras: Easily switch between multiple cameras connected to the call, providing a dynamic view of participants.
  4. Video Call Mode: Enhance your viewing experience by switching to the Video Call mode, which enlarges participants' cameras or screens.

Call Controls

Navigate the Live Call interface with ease using the following controls:

  1. Microphone and Camera: Mute or activate your microphone, or start sharing your camera or screen using the controls located at the bottom of the Call.
  2. Settings: Personalize your Live Call experience by accessing the settings menu via the gear icon. Here, you can conveniently choose your preferred microphone or camera to ensure optimal audio and video quality.
  3. Resolution Control: Enhance the performance of screen sharing by fine-tuning its resolution. By adjusting the resolution, you can minimize lag and ensure smooth video during screen sharing sessions, providing a seamless experience for all participants.

Call Controls for Microphone, Camera and Screen