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published 2 months ago · modified 4 days ago

Top 5 Ways to Watch YouTube Videos Together with Friends Online

Looking to watch YouTube videos with friends or family? A synchronized video player allows everyone to enjoy content together, in perfect sync.

Check out these top 5 websites that let you and your friends watch videos together, creating a seamless and enjoyable group viewing experience.

1. GroupTube

GroupTube is the ultimate solution for watching YouTube with friends online. Its synchronized player, integrated video call, and seamless search and queue features transform online video viewing into a shared, enjoyable experience.

Showcase of the Integrated Voice and Video Call

GroupTube's tight integration with YouTube lets you search and queue up videos directly inside the group session. The player makes it effortless to queue up a playlist, so you can relax and watch videos back-to-back without interruption. Learn more about the search and queue features to keep the fun going.

A showcase of the Queue Functionality

Quickstart Guide – How to watch together with friends?

Getting started with GroupTube is simple. Follow these steps to create a group and start watching together with friends:

  1. Create Your Group → Visit the Homepage and click Create Your Group
  2. Invite Friends → Send the invite link to your friends
  3. Watch Together → Search for a video and start watching

With GroupTube, there's no complicated setup or hassle – it's as simple as finding and playing the video you want to watch.

2. Watch2Gether

Watch2Gether is a another good website that allows you to watch YouTube videos with friends, also without the need for registration. Simply create a room and share the URL with your friends to join. With Watch2Gether, you can sync video playback, use the built-in chat function, and enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

Screenshot of Watch2Gether

3. twoseven

twoseven offers a solution for watching YouTube videos together with friends. It requires you and your friends to create an account, then you can sync video playback, share webcams and microphones with other people in your room.

Screenshot of twoseven

4. SyncTube

SyncTube provides a simple yet effective way to watch YouTube videos in sync with friends. With its basic interface, you can create a room, add videos to a playlist, and enjoy synchronized playback with your friends.

Screenshot of SyncTube

5. WatchParty

WatchParty is another convenient platform for watching YouTube videos together with friends. With its easy-to-use interface, you can create a watch party, invite friends to join, and enjoy synchronized playback of your favorite videos. WatchParty also features chat functionality for real-time communication during the viewing experience.

Screenshot of WatchParty

Give these websites a try and find the one that best suits you. All of the options we included do offer free access, while some offer additional features for a subscription. Choose depending on the interface and the features that matter most to you.

If you're looking to enjoy movies with friends, consider checking out official and third-party group watch features available on popular streaming platforms like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix.