Introducing GroupTube v1.1 – Enhanced Player Sync & Queue Cover


published 2 months ago · modified 2 months ago

Introducing GroupTube v1.1 – Enhanced Player Sync & Queue

Exciting news! We've just dropped GroupTube's latest update, version 1.1. This update is all about making your YouTube group sessions even better.

This update focuses on delivering smoother synchronization, ensuring everyone in your group stays perfectly in sync as you watch your favorite content together. Additionally, we've added a brand-new repeat feature for the queue, allowing you to loop your playlist endlessly so that everyone can enjoy their favorite songs and videos on repeat.

Whether you're vibing to a music playlist, watching a movie marathon, or tuning into the latest viral content, this update ensures your viewing experience remains hassle-free. Let's dive into the details of version 1.1 and see how these improvements will make your group sessions even better!


Player Sync

First up, we've supercharged the sync feature. Say goodbye to those pesky delays and out-of-sync moments. Now, the synchronization of your player takes place faster and is more reliable.

A Screenshot of how to Start the Player Sync

You will now also be certain about who in your group is currently watching together with you because the new sync overlay shows you when someone in the group is syncing.

A Screenshot explaining how the Sync Indicator works


We also introduced repeat functionality to the queue, this will allow you to have even greater experiences when listening to music together.

A showcase of the Queue Functionality

Simply activate Auto-play and Repeat to make the queue automatically loop through every video in it.

We wish you a great time on GroupTube – have fun with your friends watching videos and listening to music together!

A Screenshot from the GroupTube Homepage